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Curate A Calming Nursery For Your Baby

Curate A Calming Nursery For Your Baby

Sleep. The dream every new parent is chasing. But how do you tell your baby, with no concept of time, that it’s time to rest so mama can catch up on her Netflix watch list? Start by creating a calming space to send your little one off to the land of nod. Here are some of our must-have pieces and top tips for the newly most important (and stylish) room in the house.

Choose Your Colour Palette

Babies love bright colours, but muted tones are best for relaxation, so which is right for your nursery? If the goal is to create a calming space to encourage sleep, soft hues are “important for a baby’s brain development because they offer a much-needed rest”, says Dr Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, the founder and CEO of Happiest Baby. Dr Karp says stimulating colors do help a baby’s brain develop and aid in their learning. But consider packing these treasures away when it’s naptime.  

Store toys elegantly in the Tulip Basket or Lily Basket Set when it’s time to sleep.

Introduce Snuggly Bunkmates

Cuddly toys are beneficial for sensory development, emotional growth, and developing social skills. From 12 months +, comfort your little one and encourage them to self-soothe with a snuggly pal.  

Sleepovers are more fun with friends!

Create A Space Dedicated To Nappy Changes

Babies and toddlers are wriggly little things (IYKYK). Keep them safe (and you sane) in one of our cult-favourite Changing Baskets. A calming bedtime routine will assist your little one at the end of the day. Consider a warm bath, then lay your little one down in one of our comfy Changing Baskets for a massage and PJ change. The best part? They’re portable and grow with your littles. When your nappy days are over, use one as a toy basket or coffee table tray.  

Waiting on a surprise? Pair your Changing Basket with a gender-neutral Luxe Organic Cotton Liner.

Storage, Storage, Storage

For the tiniest people, babies come with a lot of baggage. Which they incidentally love to spread around the house. Consider portable storage solutions like the Rattan Wamble Walker. As well as toting treasures, the Wamble Walker makes a fabulous companion as your child grows and develops, supporting and encouraging your little one as they explore the world around them. An added bonus – walking with the Wamble Walker will burn off that extra energy before bedtime!  

Keep dummies and other essentials on hand by fastening a Mini Chari Basket to the crib bars.

The Finishing Touches

We love seeing Olli Ella treasures grow with your little ones. Start their collection with our Nursery Inspiration Guide. 


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